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City tours in Switzerland

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Must knows about city tours in Switzerland

  • Swiss cities are small and can easily be explored on foot. The train station is a good place to start and end your walk;
  • You can book a guided tour in order to see a lot in little time, without the need to prepare;
  • A couple of hours is enough for a first impression of most Swiss cities, excluding the time to visit museums. A guided tour saves time;
  • You'll find some independent city walks in the hiking section.
Lausanne Cathedral

The medieval Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne.

Explore the Swiss cities

Swiss cities and towns are relatively small and easy to explore on foot. You can do it on your own or book a guided tour. There are tours combining a city visit and another site, such as a mountain top, as well. In November and December you can visit Christmas markets in many Swiss towns. You'll find our suggestions below.


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Bahnhofstrasse Zurich

One of the most famous luxury shopping streets in Europe.

  • Attraction type: city tour
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Zurich (Region Zurich)
  • Duration: 1 day or less

Castles of Bellinzona

Explore the three castles of Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage site from the Middle Ages.

  • Attraction type: culture, museum;
    culture, monument;
    city tour
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Bellinzona (Ticino)
  • Duration: 1 day or less

The Ticino region in one day

Don't have much time, or looking for an introduction to the Ticino region? This one day trip to Lugano and Locarno makes sure you won't miss the best spots.

  • Attraction type: natural site, mountain top, by funicular;
    natural site, mountain top, by cable car;
    natural site, lake;
    culture, monument;
    city tour;
    scenic trip, by train;
    scenic trip, by boat
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Lake Maggiore (Ticino), Lake Lugano (Ticino)
  • Duration: 1 day or less
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