Bern - How to get around in the city

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Tram in Bern

Tram passing the Loeb department store in downtown Bern.

How to get around in Bern

Bern can be reached by train and by car. There is a small airport as well. The old town center is the main tourist attraction. It is compact and can easily be explored on foot from the rail station. There is free public transport across the entire town.

The rail station

The main rail station is simply called 'Bern' and is situated in the heart of the city, at the edge of the historical town center. The station offers a shopping center that is opened 7 days a week, and many train services to towns all over Switzerland.

Free public transport

There is a network of trams, buses and local trains (S-Bahnen) that allow for easy traveling all over town. A car is not needed to get around. The Bern Ticket offers free traveling in the public transport zones 100 and 101, which is basically all of Bern. You will get a free Bern Ticket if you book a hotel, an apartment, a hostel, or any other accommodation in Bern.

After arrival in Bern, you can use your printed booking confirmation to travel from the rail station or airport to your accommodation for free. You will receive the Bern Ticket when you check in.

Many of the Swiss rail passes also include free traveling in Bern.


Departure times of the public transport.



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