Trying to retrace PDF guide to Wengen

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Sep 21, 2019 - 2:53 PM

Hello I have just arrived in Wengen and I had a printed copy of a comprehensive guide about Wengen written by one of your readers with me but I left it on the train at Lucerne. I am wondering if you could re post the link. It was in 3 parts and perhaps posted some time in the last 12 months. Thank you

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Sep 21, 2019 - 3:52 PM

Hi Jala,

Sorry you lost the printed guide. I'm not too sure which post you are referring to. We have quite a few trip reports about Wengen on the forum. Perhaps if you can click this link and go through the page slowly, you might come across it again? rum/tripreports/

You can also find information about Wengen from here ngen ngen/activities

I wish you a good trip


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Sep 21, 2019 - 4:21 PM

Thanks Anna - I will do. So disappointed I lost it...

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Sep 21, 2019 - 5:23 PM in reply to Anna

Here is what i have planned for my upcoming trip to wengen for 2 days. If this helps you :)

3rd October

Lucerne To Wengen

9. Departing train IR 2912 from Lucerne to Wengen at 6:06am at Pl.12, Sit on the right side in the train for Golden pass

a. Reach Interlaken at 7:54 at Platform 4

b. Change train to Platform 2 and take train R 143 at 08:05 to Lauterbrunnen and reach at 08:25 on Pl2

c. Change train and take train R343 at 08:37 and reach wengen at 08:49

d. The seats on the right side of the train going up from Lauterbrunnen to KS would have the best view.

e. Wengen station to pasta&morebread&breakfast hotel

i. By foot from the station: From the station Wengen walk up to the main road. Turn left when arriving at the Raiffeisen Bank. The Restaurant Pasta&More is located opposite from the shop Centralsports. The walk takes about 1 minute.

ii. Leave the luggage

Wengen To Schilthorn

10. Departing train from Wengen to Schilthorn at 09:03 train R334 Direction Lauterbrunnen, The seats on the right side of the train going up from Lauterbrunnen to KS would have the best view.

a. Reach Lauterbrunnen at 9:20am

b. Walk 2 minutes to Bus stop and take BUS 141 41025 Direction Stechelberg, hotel

c. Reach Stechelberg, Schilthornbahn at 9:47

d. Walk 5 minutes to Cable car and take Cable car from Stechelberg(Schilthornbahn) at 9:55 to Schilthorn

e. Reach Schilthorn at 10:27am

f. hilthorn

g. Piz Gloria Schilthorn – the Summit

i. Observation Deck Here at 2970 metres high you will have fantastic views of over 200 mountain peaks from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the perfect spot to view the peaks of the Swiss Alps particularly the spectacular Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. On a clear day you can even see as far as Mont Blanc in France and the Black Forest in Germany.

h. 007 Walk of Fame

i. Check out all the different display boards for the various cast and crew members from the 007 Schilthorn film. These display boards contain a photo, signature, handprint and information about each person involved in the movie. The display boards form a DIY tour you can take from the summit building to the viewing platform and back again.

i. 360 Degree Restaurant “Piz Gloria” restaurant

i. 360 Degree Restaurant is the world’s first revolving mountain restaurant which is also themed around James Bond. One revolution takes around 45 minutes and during this time you get fantastic views of the beautiful Swiss Alps. The Schilthorn restaurant, which was called the “Piz Gloria” restaurant in the Bond film, serves up a range of great Bond themed dishes.

j. Brig – the Middle Station

i. The Birg Schilthorn Station - the middle station on Schilthorn - is almost 2,700 meters above sea level and 1,000 metres above the village of Mürren. Below are the various things you can see and do at the Birg Station.

k. Skyline Observation Deck

i. From the Birg terrace walk out on the observation deck, which is constructed from steel, glass and with a grated floor. The observation deck takes you over the vertical abyss and provides more stunning views of the mountainous region.

l. Thrill Walk Brig

i. A great way to see the Swiss Alps from Schilthorn is by taking the Thrill Walk Birg. The Birg Thrill Walk takes you along a 200 metre pathway which clings to the cliff face. For those that dare, there are also a few heart racing obstacles along the way such as walking over a tightrope or crawling through a clear tube.

Schilthorn To Murren To Wengen To Mannlichen To Kleine Scheidegg

11. Departing train from Schilthorn to Kleine Scheidegg at 01:33PM Cable car down to Murren (Schilthornbahn), reach at 1:50pm.

a. 15 minute walk to Mürren BLM and take trainR 3756 Direction Gruschalp at 2:13pm from Murren BLM to Grutschalp and reach Grutschalp at 2:26pm.

b. Take cable car LB 127 from Grutschalp to Lauterbrunnen at 2:43pm and reach lauterbrunnen at 2:47pm

c. Take 3:07pm train from lauterbrunnen to wengen and reach at 3:19pm

d. 5 minute walk to to Wengen MannlichenAerial Cableway and take royal cable car at 4:10pm Royal Ride and reach at 4:16pm,

e. Hike to Kleine Scheidegg via panorama track at 4:30pm and reach around 6:00 pm(1h 20 min )(Männlichen – Kleine Scheidegg)

Kleine Scheidegg To Wengen

12. Departing train direction Lauterbrunnen from KleineScheidegg to Wengen at 6:31pm

a. Wengen station to pasta&morebread&breakfast hotel

i. By foot from the station: From the station Wengen walk up to the main road. Turn left when arriving at the Raiffeisen Bank. The Restaurant Pasta&More is located opposite from the shop Centralsports. The walk takes about 1 minute.

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Sep 22, 2019 - 12:31 AM

Hi Jala,

It’s probably the one written by Kim.



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Sep 22, 2019 - 2:41 AM in reply to Kamran

Wow that is fantastic - Thank you Kamran!!

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Sep 22, 2019 - 2:51 AM in reply to Rels

Thank you I have found it now in an old email - I think you are right - not sure who wrote it but I think it was Kim. It is so comprehensive. In 3 parts all in PDF and 50 pages. I took it to the tourist info in Wengen and they printed it late yesterday and then with no prior warning about costs charged me 20CHF!!! Ouch that hurt!!!! I expected to pay but that was a lot - costs 5 cents a page to print back in Australia where I am from. In any case I now have it. It’s title is “Information about Wengen Switzerland and Surrounding Areas April 2015” - it is wonderful.

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Sep 22, 2019 - 3:47 AM

2nd day in wengen

4th October

Wengen To Jungfrajoch

13. Departing train direction Kleine Scheidegg from wengento Kleine Scheidegg at 7:24am and reach there at 7:49am

a. Train from klein Scheidegg to Jungfrajoch st 08:00am and reach at 08:35am, spend 3 to 5 hours.

Activities at the Jungfraujoch

This is what to expect once you have reached the Jungfraujoch:

b. A lift takes you 117 m further up to the Sphinx observatory. You can enjoy a 360° view here, both from the terrace and from the comfort of a building with panoramic windows;

c. There is an Ice Palace with many ice sculptures to admire;

d. The Alpine Sensation is a moving walkway with images, light and music, connecting the hall below the Sphinx observatory to the Ice Palace;

e. There are multiple restaurants;

f. You can go out in the snow and enjoy the view of the Grosser Aletsch glacier and the surrounding mountains;

g. In Summer you can go sledging, skiing or snowboarding in the Snow Fun Park (not included in the train ticket);

h. Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, where you can learn about the history of chocolate and how it's made. Of course you can buy chocolate here as well;

i. Several exhibitions and informative multimedia shows;

j. You can hike across the glacier to the Mönchsjoch hut in about an hour. Be sure to only do this in good weather and with proper hiking gear. Do not leave the marked trail.

Jungfrajoch to Eiger Trail

14. Take 1:43 train from jungfrajoch to Eigergletscherand reach there at 2:07pm

15. 3 hours long Eiger trail From Kleine Scheidegg to Alpiglen. so be prepared to get off when the train makes its brief stop.

16. MAKE SURE YOU MUST TAKE 6:07pm train from Alpiglen to Klien schdiegg, reach at 6:19pmand 6:31pm train from Klien Scdiegg to wengen and reach there at 6:59 pm

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Sep 22, 2019 - 1:32 PM in reply to Jala

Hi Jala! This is the forum thread you've been searching for: rum/topic/tips-about-wengen-and-the-jungfrau-region-by-kim. I'm happy you found it again. Sorry to hear printing was that expensive though. I hope you're all set now and ready to enjoy your stay in Wengen!

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Sep 23, 2019 - 2:28 AM

Yes that’s it - it is amazing!! Thank you for your help.

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