Quality Zurich restaurants open Sundays - Urgent

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Jun 23, 2017 - 2:27 AM

I have an emergency situation-- my wife and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this Sunday in Zurich and I've assured her (before thinking about it too much) that I'd come up with an appropriate dining locale. Perhaps you already see the problem. I need a really good restaurant for dinner that night, that is not a tourist spot, not a fondue joint, not based in a former beer hall or armory, that will accept a 24 hour advance reservation, and that serves eclectic and creative foods of the sort that local professionals would seek out, and with impeccable service appropriate to the occasion.

Doesn't exist on Sundays, right? Maybe not, but if any of you knows of such a place and wants to help ensure that this couple makes it to their next decadal anniversary, I look forward to your response. Central Zurich location preferred, although I'm not really in a position to be dictating terms.

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Jun 23, 2017 - 3:46 PM in reply to Nevertoolate

Sundays are certainly a problem.

Monday's tend to be even more so, but in the main cities, you can usually find something open.

I can't respond to this part of your query <<"and that serves eclectic and creative foods of the sort that local professionals would seek out">> if you mean cooking professionals.

However, if you mean well off sophisticated restaurant customers, here are some ideas. They meet your other criteria.

1. -A couple of weeks ago I had a meal at an elegant and first rate Italian restaurant behind the Opera House. The Conti. Sophisticated menu, but not exotic. Superb winelist. Really good service.

www.zuerich.com/en/vis it/restaurants/conti

2.- For traditional Swiss food of the highest quality, old-fashioned ambience - Kronenhalle, near Bellevue. Swiss business people, well-dressed families.


Impeccable service. I ate there last Winter.

3.- Hotel Rigiblick on Zürichberg-

www.restaurantrigiblic k.ch/en

Stunning views from the terrace. (Oops - Just checked- closed on Sundays)

My friends told me that it had picked up a Michelin star after we were there a couple of years ago.

4.- The Michelin two star places - The Dolder and Mesa are closed Sundays.

5.-The terrace restaurant of the Hotel Storchen by the river:

https://storchen.ch/en /

I'm told that the Russian oligarchs who have places in Switzerland eat there a lot. I can't tell from their website if they are open on Sundays.. Sophisticated menu.

None of those places are cheap.

6.-Restaurant Bindella in the Altstadt-

www.zuerich.com/en/vis it/restaurants/bindell a

Perhaps not in the same league,but very good food and wine, clientele is clearly well-dressed and willing to pay.

7.-I pulled out my 2012 Guide Rouge They have list of restaurants open on Sunday . Attached scan.

Conti and Kronenhalle are on the list.

8.-Here are Michelin data -

www.viamichelin.com/we b/Restaurants?address=Z%C3%BCrich&ad dressId=31MzhhMzEwY05E Y3VNelk1TURJPWNPQzQxTX pnd013PT0=

If you are staying in Züri, ask your hotel's concierge to book for you.


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Jun 23, 2017 - 5:20 PM in reply to Nevertoolate

An added thought-

Let us know what you chose and how you liked it. More important, how your wife liked it.

Thanks, Slowpoke

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Jun 23, 2017 - 6:52 PM

Slowpoke-- Your alacrity belies your name. Thank you so much for this terrific list of prospects. Will report back later on the experience.

Thanks again.

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Jun 23, 2017 - 6:55 PM in reply to Nevertoolate

Hi - I hope that once again, you are never too late -

<<"Your alacrity belies your name.">>

You do not want to be behind me on a narrow trail climbing a hill.

<<"Thank you so much for this terrific list of prospects.">>

You are welcome. Hope it works out.


PS - if you can match their hours, which do not include Sundays, Herr Thomas in Luzern will meet or exceed all of your list of requirements:


I used to go to his small restaurant in Dallenwil every chance that I could. The landlord raised the price on his lease excessively, so now he is in this very different environment. He's only an hour or so from Zürich.

And- for the experience of a cook who somehow can imagine exactly how exotic or eclectic flavors can work well together, and then create the dishes to embody the results, go eat the cooking of Dorly Camps at the Hotel Bergsonne in Rigi-Kaltbad.


www.rigi.ch/Media/Rest aurants/Bergrestaurant -Rigi-Kaltbad-Hotel-Bergsonne

Their place went up for sale the day that I was there in late May. End of an era, they had a 30 year run; kids don't want the job....too hard. I hope they have not sold out by the time I get back in September.

Stunning wine cellar. Slow food. Plan on staying overnight, or a very long lunch.

I've attached a couple of photos from up there to give an idea of the views. Equally stunning on a clear day.


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